Regarding the programming of KT series mobile radio

March 22,2022.

1. Is the programming cable of KT-8900 and KT-9900 (WP-12) mobile radio the same?

Yes. The KT series of the programming cables are universal.

2. Why do I get Communication Port Open Error when I choose the Communicate Port Setup?

Are you experiencing this situation in the picture? That's because you choose COM1 or COM2. Since our programming cable is converted by USB, we should be select COM3 or the above port when selecting the port.

3. What is the password of the programming software?

The password is blank. When the page for entering the password appears on the computer, you don't have to enter any numbers or letters.

4. Can the remote stun, kill and revive functions of the mobile radio be turned off by programming?

Yes. If you don't want these functions, please don't forget to add the programming cable to your shopping list when you purchase the mobile radio.

5. Once the stun, kill and revive is programmed to turn off, could anyone be able to override via radio command?

No. When you turn them off, it's already disabled, so anyone will not be able to override via radio command.

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