• Holiday Notice
    April 29,2022.

    Holiday Notice

    Holiday Announcement of 2022 International Workers' Day Dear customers: Thanks for your concern and care for such a long time. According to the production arrangement, our company has made a holiday plan for this coming holiday: International Workers' Day: April.30th - May.2nd; Resume normal work from May.3rd. If you have any demand during this holiday, please issue PO two weeks ahead of time. If you have any urgent or special demand, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you. It will be appreciated if your announcement about holiday days could be informed. Happy International Workers' Day! Thank you very much! QYT Electronics Co., Ltd. April.29th.2022
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  • The invisible helper of the Olympic Games
    August 6,2021.

    The invisible helper of the Olympic Games

    The 32nd Olympic Games are being held in full swing in Tokyo, Japan. Thanks to the rapid development of 5G and digital broadcasting technology, people from all over the world can watch the Olympic Games broadcast on the Internet or on TV with very low latency. For such a big sports event, whether it is the opening ceremony, closing ceremony or competition arrangement, the workload of dispatching and commanding is huge. However, due to the existence of walkie-talkies, especially digital walkie-talkies and poc walkie-talkies, the difficulty of command and dispatch is greatly reduced. Relying on the good call quality and long distance of digital walkie-talkies and poc walkie-talkies, it can be very good. Coordinating the work of staff in various positions, and can also feedback abnormal conditions in time and deal with them in a timely manner. The walkie-talkie is the invisible assistant behind this grand event. It helped to hold this Olympic Games perfectly, and it will also serve the future Winter Olympics and future Olympics.
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  • What is the difference between analog and digital walkie talkie
    April 9,2021.

    What is the difference between analog and digital walkie talkie

    The traditional analog walkie-talkie is a communication mode in which voice, signaling, and signals are modulated onto the carrier frequency of the walkie-talkie in a continuous wave manner, and optimized processing such as amplification. It has the advantages of mature technology, complete system and relatively low cost. The digital walkie-talkie is a digital communication mode that digitizes the voice signal, uses a specific digital encoding method and a specific baseband modulation form, and uses a digital signal processor for optimization. The digital walkie-talkie is a digital communication mode that digitizes the voice signal, uses a specific digital encoding method and a specific baseband modulation form, and uses a digital signal processor for optimization. The first is to make better use of spectrum resources. Similar to cellular digital technology, digital walkie-talkies can load more users on a designated channel and increase spectrum utilization. This is a solution to frequency congestion. The second is to improve the call quality. Because digital communication technology has an error correction function in the system, compared with analog walkie-talkies, it can achieve better voice and audio quality in a wider range of signal environments, and it will receive less audio noise and more sound. Clear. The last point is to improve and improve the integration of voice and data, and to change the weakness of the control signal that decreases as the communication distance increases. Compared with similar integrated analog voice and data systems, digital walkie-talkies can provide better data processing and interface functions, so that more data applications can be integrated into the same two-way wireless communication base station structure, providing voice and data services The integration is more complete and more convenient. Compared with traditional analog walkie-talkies, it has strong voice anti-interference ability, high confidentiality, narrower channel bandwidth, and stronger data transmission ability.
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  • What is the longest range walkie talkie
    March 24,2021.

    What is the longest range walkie talkie

    Many customers want to know what walkie-talkie has the farthest call range. Let's talk about it today. Walkie-talkies are divided into analog walkie-talkies, digital walkie-talkies and poc walkie-talkies. For analog walkie-talkies and digital walkie-talkies, the distance of the call depends on the power of the walkie-talkie, the antenna, and the conditions of the surrounding environment. The distance of the analog car-mounted walkie-talkie is generally better than that of the handheld walkie-talkie. The poc walkie-talkie uses wifi or sim card, which is similar to a mobile phone. As long as there is a wifi signal or an operator signal, you can talk. Therefore, the poc walkie-talkie can realize a nationwide call or even a global call. Therefore, the voice range of the poc walkie-talkie is the farthest.This Q8 is such a PoC walkie talkie.
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  • Award winning!Quanzhou cross border anchor competition
    January 5,2021.

    Award winning!Quanzhou cross border anchor competition

    On December 29, 2020, our company's clink participated in the final of Quanzhou cross border anchor competition jointly sponsored by Quanzhou Municipal government and other parties. The competition is divided into three parts: the first part is the optional product introduction, the second part is the product introduction provided by the organizer, and the third part is to answer the questions raised by the judges. Clink chose our 4G walkie talkie - Q8. He introduced its features, which are walkie talkie with SIM card, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, camera and large screen. It's very strong and durable. This walkie talkie also looks like terracotta warriors. Under his vivid explanation, he finally won the Excellence Award and held the award ceremony on December 30, 2020. In the future, we will participate more in this kind of competition and train our anchor.
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  •  Nora and Ellie, Welcome to join!
    December 7,2020.

    Nora and Ellie, Welcome to join!

    Last week, we trained new recruits Nora and Ellie for a week. In five days, HR introduced the basic information of the company and the current system of the company. After understanding the company's basic information and system, we give them a detailed description of our products: walkie talkie, mobile radio, battery, charger, antenna and other products. We also introduce our 4G walkie talkie in detail. Then, the paper introduces the production of documents, customer communication skills and other aspects to ensure that they can serve our customers well. On the last day, we had a paper examination and a practical test on what they had learned, and let them choose to display their products. Finally, they successfully passed the exam, handed over satisfactory answers, and became a member of QYT. Welcome to join!
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