• How to extend the service life of property ham radio walkie talkie
    August 9,2020.

    How to extend the service life of property ham radio walkie talkie

    Generally speaking, each residential area or community will be equipped with a corresponding property management team, and the property management team will use professional property ham walkie talkie receiver equipment to facilitate communication. At present, the trustworthy property intercom equipment brings great convenience to the property management personnel and the members of the property team. Therefore, many property companies will purchase such equipment for employees. Then, how to extend the service life of the property intercom and make it play an intercom role for a long time? 1. Clean up on a daily basis For the property company property portable radio is an essential communication equipment, is also a very high frequency of use of a device. Yet even with word of mouth property intercom  after long time use, according to the national health and control the rotation and casing are likely to appear the phenomenon of competition, where you can use a neutral detergent and wet cloth to clean it, but it is important to note do not use water infiltration into the military two way radio. 2: Handle it lightly Even has the reputation of property intercom  in daily use to pay attention to light with light, especially when picked up property walkie talkie antenna must not be portable, otherwise it may be a long time as well as the portable operating let antenna will appear after peeling or wear and tear, and wait for a phenomenon. 3: Timely cover dust Daily property management personnel may also wear corresponding supporting facilities when using the property walkie-talkie, such as using earphones. However, if they do not use earphones and other accessories, they should cover the dust cover in time to avoid the property walkie-talkie being contaminated with more dust. Integrated the above points to see want to extend the service life of property intercom requires at the time of daily use of the equipment to do clean up, at the same time should also pay attention to the property of the pc programmable walkie talkie picked up the way must be light with light , when not using related accessories cover dust cover from time to time and it can better guarantee the purity of the walkie talkie property and usage, and indirectly, prolong its service life.
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  • What are the applicable scenarios for SIM card walkie-talkies?
    July 9,2020.

    What are the applicable scenarios for SIM card walkie-talkies?

    Sim Card Walkie Talkie, which is also called POC walkie talkie or network walkie talkie, has been widely used in different fields recently, and compared with traditional walkie-talkies, SIM card walkie-talkies have more powerful communication ability, more basic functions and stronger confidentiality to meet customers’ requirements. After entering into the 4G era, its wide coverage area, various basic business functions, low adoption threshold and other advantages become more and more prominent, and the future development trend is rapid, the application range is wider, and the market capacity is larger. Here are some usage scenarios of SIM card walkie-talkies: 1. Urban management and law enforcement staff, SIM card walkie-talkies enable urban management and law enforcement staff to carry out voice communication all over the country to management centers in big cities, coordinate all efforts in quickly and immediately dealing with various problems in urban planning and construction, and build a digital urban management service platform. 2. Airports and port terminals, because the wireless frequencies of airlines and shipping are relatively limited, it is difficult for general wireless walkie-talkies to ensure rapid and clear dialogue requirements, but their frequency problems can be solved by using the software of wireless walkie-talkie systems all over the country. 3. Logistics express, the logistics distribution in the express industry requires that the employees of logistics companies can use wireless walkie-talkies all over the country to communicate with the management center, and grasp the distribution status of products and other matters in real time. Logistics companies can also use GPS system software to grasp the detailed location of distribution staff. 4. Property management services, using wireless walkie-talkies between high-rise buildings or residential ares generally has a bad reception, whereas using SIM card walkie-talkie can communicate clearly. 5. Self-driving travel calls, the distance between motor vehicles is pretty far away, and the use of SIM card walkie-talkies can maintain contact effectively. 6. Construction site, SIM card walkie-talkies can also be used in construction of large and medium-sized buildings for communication.
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  • Three Major Walkie-Talkie Applicable Groups in the Market
    June 29,2020.

    Three Major Walkie-Talkie Applicable Groups in the Market

    1. Outdoor enthusiasts: travelers and car friends. It is said that there are three treasures outdoors: tent, compass and walkie talkie Car friends can also respond to each other through the walkie talkie in the fleet and report their position at any time to ensure that they will never fall behind. Many walkie talkies not only have basic functions,such as a single call,group call and flock call,but also have electronic fence, real-time video, positioning, audio, and other functions.It’s not restricted by distance, greatly meets the communication need of self-driving tour. Press down the bottom easily can speak to many people at the same time, it can also realize real time positioning to ensure the team activities safe and smooth. 2.Production and service employees. The difference between walkie-talkie and mobile phone is that the mobile phone is life tool, while,the walkie talkie is production tool. Ham walkie talkie is even more indispensable in working scenes that often require scheduling and communication,like factories, construction sites and shipping. 3. Public security management personnel. In our daily life, vhf walkie talkie are necessities to building security guards and patrol polices...
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  • Why hasn't the walkie-talkie been replaced by the mobile phone?
    May 29,2020.

    Why hasn't the walkie-talkie been replaced by the mobile phone?

    With the development of science and technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our life. Therefore, the question is, since the communication function of the mobile phone is so powerful, whether in terms of function or communication distance, the mobile phone far surpasses the walkie-talkie, and why has the walkie-talkie not been replaced by the mobile phone? First of all, walkie-talkies have their own audiences, and we will see people using walkie-talkies on many occasions, like hotels, taxis, the construction industry, railway departments, troops, some government departments, and even some movies or TV dramas that solve criminal cases. Although the mobile phone has many functions for them, it is not practical for frequent calls and long-time standby. On the contrary, walkie-talkies have a long-time standby and no more entertainment can distract them from their work. From this point of view, mobile phones are indispensable to their daily life, while walkie-talkies are used for work, they do not conflict. In addition, although both walkie-talkies and mobile phones are communication equipments, mobile phones have lower power and rely more on carrier base stations. In places where there is no base station coverage, mobile phones are basically useless, but the walkie-talkie is different, it has larger power, the general handheld walkie-walkie is 1 watt to 5 watts, when there is no base station, they can also connect directly (except POC walkie-talkies). Communication distance has a lot to do with the environment, in the city, it’s around 1km to 6km, and outdoor open places will be farther. So walkie-talkies are also an indispensable part of outdoor travel adventures or road trips. Therefore, to a large extent, walkie-talkies will not be replaced by mobile phones in the future. Its unique feature that it does not need to communicate through the base station is exactly the most embarrassing part for mobile communication, and this application scenario also determines that it can not be replaced in the future.
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  • Walkie-talkie FAQ
    May 13,2020.

    Walkie-talkie FAQ

    1. Does motorola walkie talkie have radiation during using it? In accordance with the regulations, the transmission power of the handheld walkie talkies should not exceed 5 watts. At present, no obvious harm has been found in the short-term use of walkie-talkies less than 5 watts. Short-term use means that the time of transmitting is less than 5%. For example, 24 hours a day, if you use it intermittently for an hour, there will be no problem.  2. How important is the walkie-talkie antenna? Usually the longer the antenna is, the better the directivity and gain of reception and transmission will be. If you find it difficult to communicate, you can change it to a longer antenna. For longer antenna, you can switch to ordinary extended walkie-talkie antenna, or even folding ruler type antenna ranging from 80 to 108 centimeters long. Generally speaking, the most important thing that affects the effectiveness of communication is occlusion. For example, your large antenna has a gain of 10 decibels and a tenfold increase in power, which would have been a hundredfold gain, but as long as there are several tall buildings in the middle, the gain will be offset. In the most extreme case, a large metal plate basically isolates the radio waves completely. Therefore, the height of the antenna is the most important, and the higher the antenna is, the less the barrier will be. 3. What price of walkie-talkie is more appropriate. The circuit, antenna and sensitivity of the ham radios are almost the same. under the condition of the same path, the communication distance is mainly determined by power, therefore, the expensive walkie-talkie is not always much better than a cheap walkie-talkie. Whether it's $5 of inferior brand or nearly $1500 of Motorola's top-of-the-line walkie talkie, you'll find that their communication distances are basically the same. If you only need an underused spare emergency walkie-talkie, and you don't bump into it as often as commandos or police officers, you don't need to buy such an expensive walkie-talkie.
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  • Going on a road trip with mobile radio
    April 30,2020.

    Going on a road trip with mobile radio

    Mobile radio, which is also known as “two way radio” and “ham radio”, this kind of equipment may not be common in daily private cars, but it’s pretty necessary for off-road people. Why do you need a walkie-talkie if you already have a telephone? 1. No signal restriction: self-driving travel in the wild cannot guarantee that the mobile phone can always get reception, therefore, there is room for the walkie-talkie to play. The walkie-talkie is not restricted by the signal, and can be used even in mountainous areas where there is no signal. 2. Cost nothing. If you drive yourself out of town, the charge for phone calls is another problem. If we use walkie-talkies, we can talk casually, and there will be no communication fees, especially with some local riders. Don't worry about getting lost and can't find a fun place. If you have a car friend to help navigate, you will definitely have a good time. 3. The group call function, mobile phone can only make one-to-one calls, while the walkie-talkie can achieve one-to-many group calls, so it is more convenient to communicate and use in the fleet. Why do you need a mobile radio if you already have a walkie-talkie? 1. Communication distance: the power of the walkie-talkie is relatively low, generally the highest is 5 Watt, the communication distance is about 1-10km, while the power of the mobile radio is generally more than 20W, some will reach 100W as in our KT-780Plus, and the communication distance can reach more than 25 km. 2. Power supply: the walkie-talkie needs a battery, and the mobile radio only needs to be connected to the cigarette lighter in the car to use it. For long-distance self-driving trips, you don't have to worry about running out of power. 3. Aesthetics: mobile radio can not only make it more convenient for us to travel, but also make the interiors of our car more classy and more practical. Nowadays, mobile radios are of relatively high grade. Putting them in the car will not be abrupt, let alone incompatible with the interior decoration. The beautiful mobile radio has obviously become a work of art.
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