What is the platform of poc walkie talkie?

December 6,2021.

As a new type of walkie-talkie, many people don’t know much about poc walkie-talkies. They only know that it supports 4g, 3g and 2g networks and uses sim card or WIFI. When I purchased a poc walkie-talkie, I was very confused about the platform fee. Then I will introduce the walkie-talkie platform to you this time.

The system of poc walkie-talkies is generally divided into Linux and Android, similar to mobile phones. But there is only the system, under normal circumstances, there is no way to make calls. Of course, some poc walkie talkie can dial a phone number like a mobile phone. But most poc walkie talkie can't talk. In order to realize the talk, there are only two ways, install zello or join the platform. For example, this Q8 walkie-talkie is an Android system, you can install zello, and you can also use the platform. However, not all poc walkie-talkies support the installation of zello, but all poc walkie-talkies support platforms, and most walkie-talkies can choose platforms freely.android zello walkie talkie

So what is the platform? The platform is a function built by a third party for different users to make calls. You can think of it as a charged Telegram or Messenger. Each walkie-talkie corresponds to a platform account. Therefore, you need to purchase the same number of platform accounts for as many walkie-talkies as you purchase. Platform fees are generally paid annually and can be renewed in the current period. The more famous is the real PTT platform, so its price is relatively expensive. You can buy a platform account yourself, or we can help you buy it on your behalf, but the minimum order quantity for real PTT is 30.

The above is the introduction of the poc walkie-talkie platform, I hope it will be helpful for you to purchase a poc walkie-talkie.

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