The invisible helper of the Olympic Games


The 32nd Olympic Games are being held in full swing in Tokyo, Japan. Thanks to the rapid development of 5G and digital broadcasting technology, people from all over the world can watch the Olympic Games broadcast on the Internet or on TV with very low latency. For such a big sports event, whether it is the opening ceremony, closing ceremony or competition arrangement, the workload of dispatching and commanding is huge. However, due to the existence of walkie-talkies, especially digital walkie-talkies and poc walkie-talkies, the difficulty of command and dispatch is greatly reduced. Relying on the good call quality and long distance of digital walkie-talkies and poc walkie-talkies, it can be very good. Coordinating the work of staff in various positions, and can also feedback abnormal conditions in time and deal with them in a timely manner. The walkie-talkie is the invisible assistant behind this grand event. It helped to hold this Olympic Games perfectly, and it will also serve the future Winter Olympics and future Olympics.

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