How to extend the service life of property ham radio walkie talkie?


Generally speaking, each residential area or community will be equipped with a corresponding property management team, and the property management team will use professional property ham walkie talkie receiver equipment to facilitate communication. At present, the trustworthy property intercom equipment brings great convenience to the property management personnel and the members of the property team. Therefore, many property companies will purchase such equipment for employees. Then, how to extend the service life of the property intercom and make it play an intercom role for a long time?

1. Clean up on a daily basis

For the property company property portable radio is an essential communication equipment, is also a very high frequency of use of a device. Yet even with word of mouth property intercom ‍ after long time use, according to the national health and control the rotation and casing are likely to appear the phenomenon of competition, where you can use a neutral detergent and wet cloth to clean it, but it is important to note do not use water infiltration into the military two way radio.

2: Handle it lightly

Even has the reputation of property intercom ‍ in daily use to pay attention to light with light, especially when picked up property walkie talkie antenna must not be portable, otherwise it may be a long time as well as the portable operating let antenna will appear after peeling or wear and tear, and wait for a phenomenon.

3: Timely cover dust

Daily property management personnel may also wear corresponding supporting facilities when using the property walkie-talkie, such as using earphones. However, if they do not use earphones and other accessories, they should cover the dust cover in time to avoid the property walkie-talkie being contaminated with more dust.

Integrated the above points to see want to extend the service life of property intercom requires at the time of daily use of the equipment to do clean up, at the same time should also pay attention to the property of the pc programmable walkie talkie picked up the way must be light with light ‍, when not using related accessories cover dust cover from time to time and it can better guarantee the purity of the walkie talkie property and usage, and indirectly, prolong its service life.

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