What are the applicable scenarios for SIM card walkie-talkies?


Sim Card Walkie Talkie, which is also called POC walkie talkie or network walkie talkie, has been widely used in different fields recently, and compared with traditional walkie-talkies, SIM card walkie-talkies have more powerful communication ability, more basic functions and stronger confidentiality to meet customers’ requirements. After entering into the 4G era, its wide coverage area, various basic business functions, low adoption threshold and other advantages become more and more prominent, and the future development trend is rapid, the application range is wider, and the market capacity is larger.

Here are some usage scenarios of SIM card walkie-talkies:

1. Urban management and law enforcement staff, SIM card walkie-talkies enable urban management and law enforcement staff to carry out voice communication all over the country to management centers in big cities, coordinate all efforts in quickly and immediately dealing with various problems in urban planning and construction, and build a digital urban management service platform.

2. Airports and port terminals, because the wireless frequencies of airlines and shipping are relatively limited, it is difficult for general wireless walkie-talkies to ensure rapid and clear dialogue requirements, but their frequency problems can be solved by using the software of wireless walkie-talkie systems all over the country.

3. Logistics express, the logistics distribution in the express industry requires that the employees of logistics companies can use wireless walkie-talkies all over the country to communicate with the management center, and grasp the distribution status of products and other matters in real time. Logistics companies can also use GPS system software to grasp the detailed location of distribution staff.

4. Property management services, using wireless walkie-talkies between high-rise buildings or residential ares generally has a bad reception, whereas using SIM card walkie-talkie can communicate clearly.

5. Self-driving travel calls, the distance between motor vehicles is pretty far away, and the use of SIM card walkie-talkies can maintain contact effectively.

6. Construction site, SIM card walkie-talkies can also be used in construction of large and medium-sized buildings for communication.

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