Three Major Walkie-Talkie Applicable Groups in the Market


1. Outdoor enthusiasts: travelers and car friends.

It is said that there are three treasures outdoors: tent, compass and walkie talkie Car friends can also respond to each other through the walkie talkie in the fleet and report their position at any time to ensure that they will never fall behind.

Many walkie talkies not only have basic functions,such as a single call,group call and flock call,but also have electronic fence, real-time video, positioning, audio, and other functions.It’s not restricted by distance, greatly meets the communication need of self-driving tour. Press down the bottom easily can speak to many people at the same time, it can also realize real time positioning to ensure the team activities safe and smooth.

2.Production and service employees.

The difference between walkie-talkie and mobile phone is that the mobile phone is life tool, while,the walkie talkie is production tool. Ham walkie talkie is even more indispensable in working scenes that often require scheduling and communication,like factories, construction sites and shipping.

3. Public security management personnel.

In our daily life, vhf walkie talkie are necessities to building security guards and patrol polices...

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