Why hasn't the walkie-talkie been replaced by the mobile phone?


With the development of science and technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our life. Therefore, the question is, since the communication function of the mobile phone is so powerful, whether in terms of function or communication distance, the mobile phone far surpasses the walkie-talkie, and why has the walkie-talkie not been replaced by the mobile phone?

First of all, walkie-talkies have their own audiences, and we will see people using walkie-talkies on many occasions, like hotels, taxis, the construction industry, railway departments, troops, some government departments, and even some movies or TV dramas that solve criminal cases. Although the mobile phone has many functions for them, it is not practical for frequent calls and long-time standby. On the contrary, walkie-talkies have a long-time standby and no more entertainment can distract them from their work. From this point of view, mobile phones are indispensable to their daily life, while walkie-talkies are used for work, they do not conflict.

In addition, although both walkie-talkies and mobile phones are communication equipments, mobile phones have lower power and rely more on carrier base stations. In places where there is no base station coverage, mobile phones are basically useless, but the walkie-talkie is different, it has larger power, the general handheld walkie-walkie is 1 watt to 5 watts, when there is no base station, they can also connect directly (except POC walkie-talkies). Communication distance has a lot to do with the environment, in the city, it’s around 1km to 6km, and outdoor open places will be farther. So walkie-talkies are also an indispensable part of outdoor travel adventures or road trips.

Therefore, to a large extent, walkie-talkies will not be replaced by mobile phones in the future. Its unique feature that it does not need to communicate through the base station is exactly the most embarrassing part for mobile communication, and this application scenario also determines that it can not be replaced in the future.

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