Operations and Notices of Walkie Talkie


Some new hams (fans of two way radio) may have questions about how to use two way radios and what should we pay attention to? Let’s see how to operate walkie talkie and what should we noticed:


1. When we press the PTT (Push-to-Talk), the indicator is red, it means the walkie talkie is in the transmit state, we can speak when this moment. At this time, who are in the same frequency with you can received your signal and listen what you are saying.

2. Change the frequency: Rotating the channel knob on the top or use the numeric keypad. When you are in the same frequency then you can talk.

3. When you want to use two way radio with other people, but you don’t know his frequency because he don’t have a screen. You can use the SCAN function.

4. When pressing the PTT, the indicator light is green, means that the walkie-talkie is in a mandatory receiving state.


1. Ensure the walkie talkie in vertical position when you transmit. When you speaking, keep the distance between walkie talkie and your mouth 3-5 cm.

2. Don’t turn off or turn on many times when you are using the walkie talkie. Please adjust the volume to the appropriate state.

3. Don’t twist the antenna when you are using two way radios, and do not bend the antenna. Do not use the antenna when it’s broken, which will affect the radio. In severe cases, the instantaneous voltage of the intercom will burn the machine.

4. In the rainy weather, the radio should be kept as dry as possible. The radio should not be placed under the air conditioner, and it is easy to enter the water to oxidize the circuit board. Waterproof cover should be worn when it is used outdoors on rainy days. For some waterproof walkie-talkies, it should be kept as dry as possible also.

5. If the walkie-talkie case is mixed with dirt or grease. Do not put it in the water for cleaning. Wipe with a neutral detergent velvet. Some waterproof walkie-talkies can be flushed but the water pressure should not be too high.

6. If the radio had already entered water, the battery should be deducted immediately. Dont use the radio at this moment, try to dry it and send to the service center as soon as possible.

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