Talk range of two-way radio


Many users are particularly concerned about the talk range of the two-way radio. In fact, this is a relatively complicated issue. Without an accurate statement, it is impossible to easily believe some exaggerated advertisements. Generally speaking, the talk range of the two-way radio depends on the following aspects:

1.the transmission power of the two-way radio;

2.the topography of the location;

3.frequency band and antenna gain of the two-way radio.

Take a walkie-talkie with a power of 4W as an example, the open area can pass 3-6km, and in the city or mountain area, it is 1-3km because it is blocked by buildings or mountains (if used indoors, the distance is closer). If you want to increase the talk range, you can choose a higher gain rod antenna. If it is really necessary to further increase the talk range, consideration should be given to setting up a relay station, and the talk range can reach more than 10km after the relay station is set up. Open-band radios (civilian walkie-talkies) are 20 channels specified by the Ministry of Information Industry. In the 400MHz frequency band, the power cannot exceed 0.5W. The talk range is closer than that of professional radios with higher power. The urban area is 300-1500 meters and the open area is 1000- 2000 meters, can not increase the talk range by setting up repeaters.

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