QYT clear durable waterproof walkie talkie speaker microphone MT811

The MT811 is our new waterproof walkie-talkie speaker microphone  with a customisable interface to suit your needs.
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The MT811 is a waterproof speaker microphone, a new product from us, with good quality and a customisable interface to suit your needs, be it Kenwood, Icom or Motorola, etc.

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QYT Electronics Co., Ltd. (QYT) was one of the earliest professional two-way radio and accessories manufacturers in China, and now one of the top mobile radio providers as well. QYT is headquartered in Quanzhou, Fujian, China. We are mainly responsible for the company's related product hardware development, production, sales and engineering services. Our company also provides customized services as well as personalized, differentiated products (OEM/ODM).

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BT-89 ham radio bluetooth wireless microphone & speaker

QYT BT-89 ham radio wireless handheld mic speaker, used bluetooth adapter, connect the microphone speaker to the car radio.

Breaking the limitations of using distance by using mobile radio.

BT-89 can be adapted to KT-8900, KT-8900R, KT-8900D, KT-7900D, KT-5800, KT-780PLUS, KT-980PLUS.

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Spring Belt Clip for ICOM BP-196 BP-210 BP-209 Battery as MB-68 TAPBC-68

209 belt clip for ICOM MB-68 TAPBC-68

Premium quality compatible clips allows the user to keep the radio securely on his or her belt. Fully-Compatible with ICOM IC-F3, IC-F3S, IC-F4, IC-F4S, IC-72A, IC-72E, BP-209 two way radio.

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two way radio battery for Vertex VX168 Walkie-talkie Ni-CD Ni-MH rechargeable Battery pack

FNB-V88 battery for Vertex VX168

7.2V Ni-CD Ni-MH brand new replaceable and rechargeable walkie talkie battery for Vertex V417, V410, V420, etc., which is made with 900mAh 1100mAh 1500mAh 1800mAh cell, this two way radio battery is the cost-effective one which can fit in lots of Vertex models and replace FNB-V83 and other batteries.
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Advanced alternatives to old batteries, let your walkie talkie take on a whole new life.

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Replacement rechargeable 7.2V NI-MH walkie talkie battery pack PMNN4412 with IMPRES function for P8608 P8660 GP328D XPR3000 XPR3300 XPR3500 XPR7350 XPR7500 XPR7550 DP4400 DP4601 DP4800 DP4801.

Advanced alternatives to old batteries, let your walkie talkie take on a whole new life.

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Factory QYT HF-18 am fm ssb cb 27mhz radio

The HF-18 is our new cb radio, which is a battery-free version of the HF-78.
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Leather Protective Sleeve Hard Holster Shoulder Bag Case for Kenwood TK-3207 TK-2207 TK-3307 Two Way Radio

Leather Carrying Case for Kenwood PT-3207

Walkie talkie leather case for  Kenwood radio or other radio with size 14*6.5*6 cm.

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Walkie talkie battery rapid intelligent charger base Icom BP209 BP210 BP210N IC-35FI IC-F21 F3G F218 IC-V8 IC-V81 IC-V82

BC-137 for Icom BP209 BP210 intelligent charger

BC-137 walkie talkie battery rapid intelligent charger base for Icom battery BP209 BP210 BP210N and IC-35FI IC-F21 F3G F218 IC-V8 IC-V81 IC-V82 series walkie talkie.

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VHF DMR digital professional walkie talkie

QYT D68 VHF DMR digital professional walkie talkie, features 32 channels.

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