Walkie-talkie common sense


1. Two-way radios from different companies and models can talk to each other as long as they have the same frequency and the same tone / digital tone.

2. When the two-way radio is transmitting, keep the two-way radio in a vertical position and keep a distance of 2.5-5 cm between the microphone and the mouth. When transmitting, the radio should be at least 2.5 cm from the head or body. If you carry the handheld walkie-talkie on your body, the antenna should be at least 2.5 cm away from the human body when transmitting.

3. During use, do not perform the actions of turning on and off multiple times, and adjust the volume to a level suitable for your hearing.

4. Generally speaking, the two-way radio has multiple channels, so the two sides must make sure the channel before useing walkie talkie. In the event of interference or interference with others, you should change channels or contact us in time.

5. Don't change the parameter settings of the two-way radio by yourself, otherwise it may cause the frequency and function confusion, cause the two-way radio to be used normally and bring unnecessary trouble to our maintenance work.

6, pay attention to adjust the volume and squelch, otherwise you may not hear or produce disturbing noise. When the ambient noise is high, you can choose an earphone, and the headphone cable is relatively thin. In use, be careful not to pull the headphone cable.

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