Wired walkie talkie headset P102-PM01-G3 for Motorola GP300 GP88 GP600 MTX638

This P102-PM01-G3 is one of our new headsets for Motorola's GP300 GP88 GP600 MTX638 and other walkie-talkie models.
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The P102-PM01-G3 is our headset for Motorola's GP300, GP88, GP600, MTX638, GTX portable, GTX privacy plus portable, LTS2000, PTX600, P110, GTX LTR portable plus portable and other walkie-talkie models, while the interface can be customized to fit other brands or Motorola walkie-talkie models.

Motorola walkie talkie headset

QYT Electronics Co., Ltd. (QYT) was one of the earliest professional two-way radio and accessories manufacturers in China, and now one of the top mobile radio providers as well. QYT is headquartered in Quanzhou, Fujian, China. We are mainly responsible for the company's related product hardware development, production, sales and engineering services. Our company also provides customized services as well as personalized, differentiated products (OEM/ODM).

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walkie talkie battery charger car charger with cord for motorola for hytera etc.

walkie talkie battery car charger cord

This walkie talkie battery car charger is using high-quality mainboard, which can withstand 12V - 24V power output, therefore, it can be used on cars and trucks.

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Original NNTN4497 two way radio battery for Motorola GP150 Walkie-talkie Li-ion rechargeable Battery pack

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Walkie talkie battery rapid charger base for Motorola HNN9008A HNN9009

2-way-GP328 for Motorola HNN9008A GP328 intelligent charger

2-way-GP328 walkie talkie battery rapid intelligent charger base forMotorola battery HNN4001, PMNN4045, PMNN4158, PMNN4154 and GP1280, GP340, GP580, GP640, MTX8250, MTX850, MTX PR860, PRO 5150, PRO 7150, PRO 9150, PTX700 series walkie talkie.

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